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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Blairite Coup Against Corbyn Exposed

Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership are under pressure but nowhere near the levels of strain to which he's been subject since last September when he won the leader role with 60% support of Labour members and started building a new party to fight the neoliberal pro-austerity establishemnt within and beyond the Labour Party.

Keep an open mind on Corbyn – see this link for how well organised is the New Labour destabilisation of Corbyn:

Corbyn has shown great courage since his election by 60% of Labour members last September. I don’t know of any political leader in the western world who’s had to endure such systematic opposition from all parts of the established order including from the Blairites in his own party. This is normally the sort of thing western states do to the likes of Allende etc in Chile. Corbyn’s the only leader offering a viable programme against the established orthodoxy – economic or other, including a politics of truth as opposed to outright lies, and principles rather than one based on personal attacks. 

And that’s why he has received full frontal attacks from all sides. Look at the farce over anti-semitism in the Labour Party and the report exonerating him and the party, and how the BBC etc twisted it around to elide consideration of the report’s contents and the speech Corbyn made at the launch – which showed up the racist divide and rule politics of the powerful, inherited from the imperial era, and called for working people’s unity behind a principled politics that protects rights and empowers ordinary people, a lot of whom voted for Leave not through racism but because they have borne the brunt of Thatcherism and the 2008 crisis with no respite in sight.

Noam Chomsky writes in his work on mind control in western societies of consent is manufactured by various means including “flak from the Right”. The idea is for organised elites to throw as much mud as often as possible such that even supporters of a party or leader who offers any radical alternative begin to soften and turn away – no smoke without fire etc… and dress it up to appear to be a popular revolt against bad ideas, leadership, etc...

This is precisely what’s happening to Jeremy Corbyn under our very eyes and needs to be seen for what it is – an attempted coup against a democratically elected leader who dares to challenge the establishment and represent real people’s interests.

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